Catwalk Cosmetics Palette Review

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon this palette on my facebook newsfeed, fell in love with the colors and ordered it in an instant.

Lifted from Marj Sia’s tumblr

The story behind Catwalk Cosmetics:
Being a makeup artist, I need to have all eyeshadow colors to match every client’s outfit or themed shoot. It’s easy to find neutral and basic colors but what I can’t get my hands on are BRIGHT, HIGHLY PIGMENTED and long-lasting eyeshadows. So one day, I had a crazy idea of creating my own eyeshadow palettes, handpicked the colors and *ta-dah* CATWALK COSMETICS was created.

It consists of 15 eyeshadow colors that you can use for day & night looks:
Smokey (Pearl White, Disco Silver, Black Noir)
Neutral (Copper, Juicy Orange, Hello Yellow, Cocoa Brown)
Cool (Lime Green, Green Tea, Powder Blue, Royal Blue, Teal)
Warm (Geisha Red, Lollipop Pink, Purple Lotus)

3 Blush Shades: Salmon, Tangerine, Rose.

Her problem was the same as mine – I have more than enough neutral and basic shades and I needed those bright, unusual colors. Mostly for the sake of having them ’cause no one’s really asked me to do avant-garde yet. Sure, you can buy bright colors from MAC, MUFE, etc. but I’ve never been a fan of buying single pots of shadow so this palette is a gift from the heavens sent directly to me. HAHAH.

Pretty colors!

General Pros:

  • It has good color pay-off and texture. It goes on smoothly and is easy to blend. I hardly had any color patches/blotches when I was swatching it.
  • Amazing amount of product in a palette for 1k!
  • Good range of unique colors.
  • Finely-milled shimmers

Without Flash

General Cons:

  • Packaging. I’m not really a fan of long and wide palettes cause I have to put it in a separate case from my makeup kit. And I’m so scared that when I drop it, the hinges might break.

With flash


  • Juicy Orange and Powder Blue surprised me with how pigmented they were despite the shade. Powder Blue took a little bit more build up but it’s a really pretty color. Juicy Orange is amazing. I don’t think I’ll ever really use orange eye shadow but it’s so pretty to look at!
  • Royal Blue, Geisha Red, Lollipop Pink and Purple Lotus are my favorites. They just pop with color! I absolutely love how Geisha Red and Royal Blue are matte as well. I have a thing for matte makeup.
  • I love all three blushes as well, especially salmon. I’ve just been looking for a powder blush to compliment my Cha Cha Tint and it looks like I don’t need to look any further! I also like how it’s matte so that I’ll have the option to leave it as is or add highlight.
  • I’m a little iffy about the Cocoa Brown and Hello Yellow. Cocoa brown isn’t the kind of brown I would usually use but I guess it’s better to have options! I wanted Hello Yellow to but a bit brighter, more neon but I guess that could be fixed with applying it wet.

With Flash

All in all, this is a steal at 1.1k. I’d definitely buy it again if I have to. Check out the Catwalk Cosmetics Like Page for order details and more pictures. 🙂

Nicole x

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2 Responses to Catwalk Cosmetics Palette Review

  1. Marj Sia says:

    Hi Nicole, totally love your review! Thank you for the pros and cons. I have the same problem with wide palettes to bec. it cannot fit in my handcarry kit :)) Hopefully next time I can produce quads 😉
    Feel free to tweet me for makeup tips. Keep up the good work!

    ❤ Marj

    • Nicole says:

      Hi! Thank you, too! Yes, please, consider those quads! 😉 Rainbow quads! Heeeee. ❤ I will, thank you! 🙂

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