Daily x Tip – Choosing The Right Foundation

Having the right foundation is crucial to a full makeup look. There are times wherein I choose to forego using foundation for the simple reasons that I’m either lazy to put it on and even it out or lazy to have to take it off at the end of a long night. But as much as I’d like to never have to put on foundation, my skin isn’t as immaculate as I’d hope for it to be.

Things to consider when choosing the right foundation:

  1. Skin Acidity. This is when you put foundation and your skin darkens or reddens sometimes immediately and sometimes after a few minutes, depends on the level of acidity. To check, test a foundation that you think is your skin tone on your jaw and wait for a few minutes to see if it will react. If it blends into your skin without any color change, you’re not acidic. In the event that you are acidic, test another foundation that is a few tones lighter than your natural skin tone. Here, you’re gonna have to estimate how many tones darker your skin became after it reacted so that you can estimate how many tones lighter the next foundation you’ll have to test.
  2. Skin Tone. There are three basic skin tones: ruddy (reddish), sallow (yellowish), olive (greenish). As is in corrective concealers, green concealer is used to tone down redness so for ruddy skin tones, a green-based foundation is advised. For sallow, yellow-based foundation and for olive, orange-based. The foundations don’t really come in green, orange and yellow but if you put them side-by-side, you’ll be able to tell the difference, though sometimes very faint. There are special foundations, however, that adapt to whatever skin tone you are.
  3. Consistency, Coverage, Lasting Power. There are different bases of foundation: water, oil and silicon. Water-based foundations are, as the name implies, more watery than the others but it doesn’t run completely – it’s just not as thick. It wears for around 2-3 hours and is usually of light-medium coverage. Oil-based foundations are thicker in consistency, medium-heavy coverage and stays for around 6-8 hours. I haven’t had much experience with silicon-based foundations but the ones I’ve tried have the consistency of lotion. Silicon-based foundations act both as primer and foundation, wears up to 12 hours and has a heavy coverage that specializes in smoothing out skin.
  4. Color. Foundation is meant to be like second skin so get a foundation that is exactly your skin color. Gone are the days that a whiter face is in style so let’s keep it as natural as possible.

I’m not big on using foundation unless I’m going on stage but you guys should check out MaxFactor’s new weightless foundation line. It’s absolutely amazing when I tested it in Rustan’s about a month ago. I still haven’t had the chance to buy it as it’s quite pricey at P995 and I still have a bottle of Palladio.

Hope this helps or answers any of your questions about foundation! πŸ™‚

Nicole x

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