It’s the end of July and it’s time for a new wishlist but first, let’s greet Harry Potter, Neville Longbottom and our Queen JK Rowling a very happy birthday! Let’s pretend it’s my birthday too, and make a wishlist!

  1. Good grades
  2. To be able to dance again
  3. Productive RiB preps!
  4. Makeup gigs
  5. Makeup
  6. Money
  7. Good weather!
  8. New shoes, huhu. I can’t seem to find a worth-my-money pair. I’m so cheap -__-
  9. Long hair
  10. Good health. No more headaches, please!
  11. Happiness
  12. To try and get my old social life back. I’ve been enjoying the stay-at-home chick life a lot I can’t even describe how restless I felt last night when I went home at 3am. HAHA.
  13. Harry Potter merchandise!
  14. More happiness
  15. More good grades

I haven’t posted much lately ’cause I really don’t have anything interesting to post (not that this is anything interesting either). I was planning to post a new makeup experiment again tonight with a review of a new palette I recently bought but then I thought that the first page of my wordpress would be so bombed with my face too much. Too much vanity all in one streak seems wrong so I’ll delay that until… next week, I hope.

For now, I’ll continue my HP with HPCoS. Confession: I seriously can’t watch this movie alone. The snake sounds are beyond creepy and scary. I can’t say for certain that I’ll be able to finish this movie tonight.

Hope you guys had a good sunday! πŸ™‚

Nicole x

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