In A Barbie World

Life in plastic, so fantastic! I guess it isn’t much different from the real world, huh?

Theme: Barbie. Photography: RedEye Photography Manila. MUA: Jhing Gumasing. Model: Me, in bright, hot pink hair.

From Jay Gamboa

Makeup Shot

Close up kung close up! Haha

Yes, I was bent backwards

From Alex Cunanan

Revamped prom dress ft. Betty Boop!

From Mikevan Yonzon

They photoshopped my eyes green! I think

I’ve been told many times that I resembled Katy Perry but somehow, I never saw it. Now that I have hot pink hair, I still can’t see it. Do you?

This is the last of what went down last Sunday so I probably won’t have anything much til I’m offered another shoot or so. There’ll probably be a string of personal posts after this one, haha. Don’t forget to follow my new Twitter that is open to public. 🙂

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