Silvery Sleds

Concept: Ice Princess. Photography: RedEye Photography Manila. MUA: Jhing Gumasing. Hair: Emily Doma. Model: Me.

From Mikevan Yonzon

From Jay Gamboa

Makeup Shot

From Alex Cunanan

Is it bad that I have favorite pictures of myself? This is one of them though!

It was a different kind of photoshoot experience as there were so many lights all around me that I felt like I was in an electric oven! I guess this is what models have to do to for their art. Still not used to doing so many serious-faced poses though, I really do like smiling instead HAHA.

So there goes part one of sunday’s photoshoot. More tomorrow 🙂

Nicole x

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2 Responses to Silvery Sleds

  1. deejfabian says:

    model material! nux!

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