Sunday Shoot – BTS

Last Sunday, I was invited by my makeup classmate and fellow MUA to model for two of her portfolio shots. It’s my first time to actually be made up and be the real model not just for experiment. As per usual, the shots were taken by our trusted RedEye Photography Manila. Like them on Facebook already if you haven’t yet! I’ll be dividing the posts into three different posts on different days, just for fun. Hehe. And just so I’ll have something to post for each day ’cause I don’t think I’ll have anything to post anytime soon.

Me, Jhing and her bride model Emily Doma


Finally took a breather and posed as myself after so many shots of 'serious' and 'sad'. I really do like wacky poses instead

As you guys will notice in the succeeding posts on the shoot, the false eye lashes I had on were awkwardly short. Just to explain, my eyes are really long so that almost no false lashes fit me. Except for the ones from MAC that are special. Cause I’m special too. CHOS!

Hope you guys stay in tune for the coming posts! Great makeup and photography is in store. You guys be the judge on how great the subject is, haha. ๐Ÿ™‚

Nicole x

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