Fashion Frustration

There’s a reason why I’m a makeup artist/blogger instead of a fashion stylist/blogger, the current trend. I’m really not much of a fashionista and if you knew me personally, you’d know that my outfits don’t really stray from pambahay chic or tamad look. If you backread a little and see my post Day-off, that is precisely what I wear to school all the time, minus the belt. There are a few instances, however, that I actually try to dress up like during my birthday and during school reports and the very rare occasion that I feel like it. But why am I saying this. Behold, my fashion frustrations: things I wish I could/would/should wear if I wasn’t the lazy/unfashionable-in-real-life/unaware-of-trends girl that I am.

Lace Up!

Biggest frustration: looking really girly.

On the rare occasions that I wear skirts/dresses to school, my friends always tell me ‘Ohhh, you look like a girl today!’ I can never tell if it’s a compliment that they think I look ‘pretty’ or an insult that I never look ‘pretty’. Yes, I’m a girl but I just find it difficult to look girly ’cause I’ve always leaned more on the feminine side than ‘girly’. Above is a polyvore set I made of how I would dress like a girl, if given the right clothes. I love lace, and I always have since I was in high school but it’s hard to get by non-tacky looking lace clothes around. Or at least, I don’t know where to go. I find that lace is timeless, classic and embodies femininity so yes, I love lace and I wished that there were more lace in this world for me to wear.

Next frustration: Not knowing where to shop (on a budget)

There are times when I ask people where they get their clothes and how much, sometimes I’m really surprised in ways good and bad but because my friends are awesome, it’s usually good. You see, the clothes above are really quite simple and common but why is it that whenever I go out to shop, I only see them in stores like Zara and its colleagues and never in the bazaars. 😦 I mean, this whole outfit would probably cost around 3k without the TOMS cause a shirt like that in Zara would probably cost 1k-1.5k and those shorts around the 1.5k-1.9k. TOMS are really expensive as is and I really spend on those ’cause it’s worth it. Someone please tell me all the good bazaars and I’ve never been to ukay-ukays. Yeah, I know, I suck.

Another frustration: Accessorizing

In relation to the frustration before this, I don’t know where to get nice accessories. I’ve been online window shopping for accessories but what makes accessories worth the price? I can’t even write much about this frustration ’cause I really don’t know what to say! Haha. Although, I do have some accessories like my scrabble tile ring and my Harry Potter merchandise!

Last and most important frustration: Boldness

I think, more than anything, the most important with being fashion forward (even with just baby steps), is being bold enough to try new things. Honestly, I’m sure that’s the one thing I truly lack. Aside from the cluelessness than can be acquired with enough research, I think boldness requires more intervention and time to develop. For me, style is personal and innate and I’d like to believe I have it (you can judge me based on my polyvore sets but take it easy haha), it’s just that I find it difficult and nearly impossible to materialize. I think I just need that extra push to actually overcome these frustrations on top of everything else I’ve mentioned. I need help! Haha.

Here are just some more of my old polyvore sets you are free to judge my sense of style, or lack thereof.

Most importantly, if you’d like to help out in my fashion frustrations by letting me in on the secrets of shopping in bazaars, ukays, online stores, EVERYHERE!, please do comment or submit on my formspring ( or tell me personally via email (, I’m really interested. Haha.

I think, after this post, it’s only fitting that I resolve to try harder with what I wear. I don’t know how long it’s gonna last but I hope long enough. Haha.

Nicole x

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  1. laurenconradfans1 says:

    I love the lace and the last picture!!

    Will happily subscribe to your blog.

    Lauren Conrad FANS @

    Mwah X

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