I guess you guys have noticed by now, when I don’t have anything substantial to post, I post something personal just so you guys have something to read (I’m just safely assuming you guys also read what I read, and not just look at the pictures). Normally, I’d just post a #nowplaying post but very unfortunately, I’m short of any new good music to share so head on to my formspring and suggest. Anyway, here’s the occasional trip to my personal life through my blog. I’m just gonna babble from here on in.

Depression is slowly sinking in my system now, as hard as I’ve been trying to push it aside for most of the week. You see, whenever I’m feeling low, I run, figuratively and literally. I’m not much of a runner but running keeps me busy enough to be able to regulate my thoughts. Based from experience, when I’m running while thinking of heavy matters in my head, I trip. Now, I wouldn’t want to humiliate myself in Ateneo because I tripped on my own thoughts (do you see how stupid this sounds yet), now would I. The plot thickens, I can’t run anymore.

I’m so desperate to watch HP7.2 again. I was supposed to watch it yesterday but Retty and I ended watching the AdMU-NU game live in Araneta. Good game, btw. Ateneo’s just an unstoppable force this season, I hope they keep it up for a legendary four-peat. Assuming I watched it yesterday, I wouldn’t mind watching it again today, which was what I was supposed to do so as to ease or delay the depression kicking in. But then life got in the way, as usual. I just want to watch HP7.2 again. Please let it happen soon.

My fingernails are mint green right now. When I was training in CADs, it was practically pointless to get a mani-pedi cause it’s gonna get chipped off from all the floor interaction we do during trainings and rehearsals. But since I’m not training either, I’m being such a girl and painting my nails every week.

Despite (or maybe because of) the negativity surrounding me this week, I’m cheered up by the littlest things like Monopoly Deal with my blockmates, persian lunches with Melissa, wearing a suede skirt to school, talking about babies in psych class, picking CADs anaks.

To end this already long rambling, here are some song lyrics that have been stuck in my head therefore influencing my mood. I hope you’re not feeling the same though!

  1. I’m trying but this is all that I can do. I’m reaching but the rest is up to you. – Reaching, Jason Reeves. The title-sake of this entry.
  2. ‘Cause you make me smile, even just for a while. – Bubbly, Colbie Caillat. Really, one ‘hi’ was enough to make me run up CTC and hope to see you outside the window. But I didn’t. And I ended up not seeing you pa today.
  3. I pray to God to keep you forever. – Next 2 You, Chris Brown ft. Justin Bieber.
  4. I can’t make you love me if you don’t. You can’t make your heart feel something that it won’t. – I Can’t Make You Love Me, Bonnie Raitt. Love Adele’s version of this.
  5. How dare you say it’s nothing to me? Don’t you think we oughta know by now? Don’t you think we should’ve learned somehow? – Slow Dancing In A Burning Room, John Mayer.
  6. Took my life from negative to positive, I want you to know that. – Give Me Everything (Tonight), Pitbull ft. Ne-Yo

And here are some pictures from the better days of my life

@ Cantina last July 2

Photo from Mica

Margaritas in Bora are the best

Photo by Bea Q. I miss my long hair too.

Hoping for better days ahead.

Nicole x


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