6oo x 1oK

Today is a day of two memorable numbers, 600 and 10,000.

600 – The amount of my first ever paid gig as a professional makeup artist. Today, my sister’s friend, Meg, came to our house and had her makeup for her graduation picture done. To be honest, I was quite nervous despite the many faces I’ve already put makeup on and this look was actually quite simple compared to all the others I’ve done in the past. To be given the responsibility to do the makeup of someone whose college graduation picture is supposed to last forever was so great that until now, I’m quite nervous at how her pictures came out.

A few years back, I was told by a friend that one should always give his/her first sweldo or salary to his/her parents as a sign of eternal gratitude to his/her parents. When I got home tonight, that’s exactly what I did to the first ever 600 pesos I have made as a makeup artist. My mom insisted on only getting half but I told her to get it all since she shouldn’t worry as I’ll make much more in the future. And I’m sure of that. Big dreams happen with a sure mind and a determined soul.

So, parents, I hope you appreciate my small but nevertheless hard earned 600 pesos. I promise to make you prouder in the future.

10K – The amount of views this blog has garnered in a little over six months. I’d like to take this moment to thank everyone who has been religiously reading all 140 posts on this blog, nonsensical and otherwise. Thank you all so very much for supporting me in my… life. As a student, a makeup artist, a dancer, a person, me. I probably won’t be as motivated to write so often if I didn’t have a readership. Thank you all so much and I hope to continue to entertain you with whatever my mind churns out. Please do keep visiting, it will only get better. πŸ™‚

Nicole x

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2 Responses to 6oo x 1oK

  1. wow! I admire you for that NIx =)…and yes, I know we will always be nervous no matter how many faces we put make up on, we would still feel that “kabog”, anxious to find out how their make up turned out in those photos…

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