Mischief Managed

I won’t say anything about the movie itself but I think I can talk about the experience of watching it on the first day in a cinema packed with fellow Potterheads. Throughout the movie, people didn’t hold back on reacting to all the action, comedy, drama, and long suspenseful pauses. I found myself clapping as though I was watching it live and my applause would give the characters extra gratitude or energy.

I don’t even know why I’m writing this up but let it be known that I wore a lot of my Harry Potter merchandise today. I’ll post photos of my HP pop-up book that my sister gave me for my birthday soon after I’ve edited them.


The necklace that I had to wear as a belt thing cause I didn't wanna block the writings on my shirt

Green fingernails for Slytherin!

While so many people have been saying how their lives have ended just like the movies, I still think my life is now simply… complete.

(A very emotional) Nicole x

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2 Responses to Mischief Managed

  1. Noelle M. says:

    NIIIXXX. :(( Later pa ko manonood!

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