Last week was an unbearably long week – long UAAP opening rehearsals, long readings in all my subjects, annoying weather, imbalanced hormones, etc. The week droned on until I got a text from my classmate Jhing, telling me that I was needed at a photoshoot and gladly took it without second thoughts. I was itching – no, DYING – to be in the happy realm of makeup.

I decided to put on my usual get-up, t-shirt and jeans but for once, I actually decided to ride on the trend and tuck my shirt in and strap a belt on. I got there early as I had to hitch a ride with the photographer. While waiting for the real model, the nice photographers asked me to be a test model for the time being. As I didn’t have any contact lenses on, I couldn’t put on my own makeup so here are some shots of me, fresh-faced in the morning with my specs.

See posts on the actual models Peachy Pizarro and Aura Centeno!

From Jay Gamboa of RedEye Manila Photography

With you right here, I'm a rocketeer.

Been actually getting more used to being in front of the camera now.


Trying to channel what ever 'fierceness' I have in me

I'd happily model for BlackBerry. Hahaha


Nerdy vibes

My everyday look: shirt + jeans + trademark messy hair and smile. Chos!

Reenactment of my CADs Jazz pose

From Alexis Cunanan of Redeye Manila Photography

Vampire vibes

A lot of people's favorite picture of me

Back to work!

Excuse the extreme vanity of this post. Hahaha. This week hasn’t unfolded to be any better than last week but I thank the heavens for blessing me with a solid set of friends and family to make things better. And, of course, my childhood best friend next to my sister, Harry Potter, which I will watch later. I’m not much of a crying person but I just know that when they start showing The Prince’s Tale chapter, man, I’m gonna die.

Am I getting any better with this whole modeling biz after so many photoshoots? Or should I still consider it as a frustration?

Nicole x

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4 Responses to Day-off

  1. Paisley says:

    u r so beautiful…….

  2. jay says:

    tnx nix…

  3. why not? you got the vibes gurl, gow for it! thanks a lot Nix for helping out =)

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