World’s Best Grandma!

World's Best Grandma Reprezzent

Dearest Nanay,

Thank you for everything. You are practically everything I could ever ask for in a grandmother – loving, kind, extremely generous, cute, funny, super huggable, happy, slightly forgetful, funny and all positive adjectives. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there on your birthday but trust me, I wish I was. I’ll just be under the rain dancing for you, instead. I have a number of grandmothers but there’s no question that you are the best. And no, nanay, ‘di ako nangbobola or sumisipsip. 🙂


Last 9 July 2011, my lola celebrated her 89th birthday. Unfortunately, I couldn’t be there on her birthday for the UAAP Opening Ceremonies BUT! I made sure she felt my presence one way or another with a gift.

She looks happy!

Can't believe I missed this spectaple: My evilest cousin carrying baby Zac!

The medal is my proxy

Titos and Titas and my mother

Gay festivities.. HAHA


Nanay with Lola Lourdes

To many many many more birthdays to come!

Nicole x

Photos care of my sister

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2 Responses to World’s Best Grandma!

  1. Cherie says:

    heartwarming blog entry 🙂

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