Choose Your Happiness

But be reasonable.

Title quote courtesy of my good friend Retty Contreras. Ever since the UAAP Opening, I’ve been hearing a lot of negative feedback as to how and why it executed that way. There is no denying that the opening wasn’t as perfect as everyone hoped for it to be but as a participant of the opening, I wouldn’t say that it was a complete failure. I don’t want to make a blow by blow defense on everything people have been dissing about but I’ll share my first and probably only experience to be part of such a historical and surely memorable event in UAAP.

As a Communications major, it was an eye-opener since I want to be involved in the media and broadcasting world. I’ve been on the television a few times in the past and in all of those instances, I wasn’t mindful of the inner-workings of a live production yet. This time, however, I realized how much work, effort and mad organization and communication skills really come into play. To be able to orchestrate a production as big as this year’s UAAP opening required working with more than two hundred performers from the different branches of Ateneo and thousands of athletes from all the UAAP schools. Instead of hating on why the organizers chose to hold this event they way it was, I commend them taking the leap of faith even if it was predicted to turn out the way it did.

Having witnessed the backstage happenings of the opening, I have come to realize the pressure of being on live television, which explained why everyone part of the production were such perfectionists. It was also evident in the simplicity of our choreography because more than anything, it was more important to have clean lines and synchronized movements than intricate and difficult choreography since most of the coverage will be aerial view anyway.

As a performer, it made me see the importance of professionalism even more. The rehearsals were demanding and tedious that it made me question myself why I was even doing this but because I signed up for this, it was my duty as an Atenean to stick to my decisions. Rehearsals also required of us to dance in the rain as the event would push through, rain or shine. All of us took a gamble on our health but I won’t bother denying that I know all of us enjoyed the experience to dance under the rain with the team we love.

As an Atenean, I’m proud of how they proceeded with the opening ceremonies. Ateneo showed their appreciation for the athleticism of all the athletes in the UAAP. I’m sure they knew that they would be heavily criticized for their decisions to proceed with their ambitious plans but at the end of the day, they were able to make all the athletes feel more important they already are by allowing them to have the same glory they rightfully deserve. As for the critics who say that the health of the students were put to risk, I’d like to say that the organizers prioritized the healths of the students. None of us were forced to perform even with the slightest headache and all of the athletes were well provided with (cute, color-coded) umbrellas.

As a makeup artist (yes, even my makeup artistry played its part during the UAAP opening!), I would like to thank MAC, Benefit, NARS, Maybelline, L’Oreal, Kat Von D, theBalm and Instant Igia for being waterproof as I was under the rain for around four hours. I applied my makeup sparingly as I didn’t want to look like a raccoon in the off chance that I would be featured on television. Thankfully, even after the performance and until the party I went to after the opening, it didn’t smudge one bit.

In case you want to know what makeup I used: MAC Fluidliner in Blacktrack, MAC Viva Glam Cyndi lipstick, Benefit Cha Cha Tint (my new favorite), NARS Orgasm Blush, Maybelline face powder, L’Oreal Voluminous Waterproof mascara, Kat Von D eye shadow, theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer and Instant Igia concealer.

Magis is when you’re ALL OUT, ALL HEART to perform under every possible unfortunate circumstance.

9 July 2011
UAAP Season 74 Opening
Marikina Sports Center

(c) Duey Guison

Thank you, Ateneo for this experience.

Nicole x

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