Coincides With The Beating Of My Heart

Title has absolutely nothing to do with the content of this post, it was just the lyrics being sung when I was typing the title. As I always do during a drought of more interesting entries, here is a post on my current thoughts, etc. To put it quite bluntly, this is practically just.. word vomit. Let the idle words flow through.

It’s already been a week since my birthday and up until Tuesday this week, people have been asking me how my birthday celebrations were. Generally, I’ve had an amazing birthday weekend that was spent with my different groups of friends and family. On my birthday itself, I think God was on my side and helped me get through my first objective quiz in Filipino under Sir Yapan. I spent my birthday quite simply as it was a rainy rainy school day made special by the gifts I received and the food I shared with my friends from school. The day after, my highschool friends and I had a filling dinner at Uncle Cheffy’s. The typical scene when bonding with highschool friends you haven’t seen in a while: talk about the differences, strengths and weaknesses of each friend’s current school. I sort of felt underdog-ed as I was the only Atenean in a group of Iskas.

Saturday night was a very special night. Early in the night, my friends and I went to 7th High for De Construct 2011 but my gradeschool friend, along with her friends, and I ended up in Cantina for midnight snacks and bad-tasting mojitos. Simple and easy-going as our trip to Cantina was, it ended with a hug that caused me the best hangover of my life. Still quite hungover, actually, just not as strong as the past few days as it has been overtaken by other emotions that are unwanted. Oh, and, to the last birthday greeting I received, I forgot to say, I miss you too.

On more work-related things, I’ve actually been improving in terms of productivity. I’ve been finishing my readings beforehand and I actually remember to go to my meetings. I guess I just needed that extra pressure to work hard because the pressure’s sinking in slowly but surely as training for my second dance competition starts on Monday. We’re ready to blow yo’ minds!

I still have 10 minutes before I have to start with homework so I’ll post a new #nowplaying post after this. But for now, here is what I look like now. All natural, all haggard, all me.

Taken during my birthday dinner with HS friends

Insanely close-up, just noticed this now.

Taken during the Guidon App GA. A dream I have decided to postpone until my junior year

While I’m quite glad to be back in the academe, I terribly terribly miss being a makeup artist. I’m very much open for shoots and gigs, just let me know and I’ll move mountains to fit you in my schedule!

Nicole x

Photo credit: Pia Guballa, Nadine Narciso

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