Monte Carlo

Today, my friends and I ventured to Gateway for some Taco Bell and a movie. Being girls, we opted to watch Monte Carlo, a movie about three girls who were meant to have the vacation they deserve in Paris but by some twist of fate, they found love, romance, fun and their selves in Monte Carlo. It’s a movie for some light viewing, perfect for mid-week stress relieving. To be honest, the movie’s cinematography, editing, transitions and story development weren’t as good as anyone could hope for it to be but the cast and their quirks made up for it.

I’ve never been a big fan of Selena Gomez and after this, I’m still unchanged but I found her acting in this movie better than what I’ve seen in her days in Disney. Katie Cassidy is gorgeous as ever, with her long straight legs and perfectly tanned skin. Unlike how I’ve seen her in Gossip Girl, she’s definitely more enjoyable to watch in this film, with her texan accent and all. Speaking of Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester is beautiful as always. Much like her character in Gossip Girl, she was still high-maintenance but inevitably melted and changed in the face of a really hot man that opened her eyes to love and greener pastures.

Before I move on to my favorite part of the movie, I’d like to commend the production’s costume department. In the movie, each of the girls had only three-four wardrobe changes. I absolutely adored Selena Gomez’ Oscar dela Renta gown for the ball, Leighton Meester’s beautifully colored and tailored one-piece swimsuit and nude polo dress, and Katie Cassidy’s yellow frilled gown. Oh and when you see the insanely packed and MAC-sponsored makeup trunk, you will drool.

Call me superficial but sweet baby Jesus, the men in Monte Carlo are insanely cute. Aside from Cory Monteith, the other two eye candies aren’t as popular but, in my opinion, much cuter. I don’t want to talk about them much lest you’ll judge me so I suggest you google the names Luke Bracey and my new love, Pierre Boulanger. The cinematography I was complaining about turned out to be quite useful with all the close-ups they did on Luke and Pierre.

So, there. I suggest you watch this movie on your laptops instead as I really won’t recommend that you watch this on the big screen for a minimum of P180. But if you’re really bored and need a pick me up, this will surely do the job. The predictability and cheesiness will make you feel good the moment the credits start rolling.

That’s it for today! Hopefully I’ll be able to post something new soon

Nicole x


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