On The Thirtieth Of June

Every year on the thirtieth of June, it rains.

No, really, it does.

I also get one year older every year on the thirtieth of June. First off, I’d like to thank all of the people who have made this day extra extra special for me.

To Retty and Michelle, the cheesiest and girliest girls I know. Thank you both for the girly dress and the girly belt that fits!!! And I’m convinced that one of you gave me the Kinder Bueno so many thanks to that too! Even more thanks to dealing with me so nicely on this extremely hormonal week. Hehe. Shang trip with Mady soon.

To Niki, the lords were in my favor today. Thank god for that free cut in your “Recreational Activities” PE.

To CADs, thank you for patiently waiting and gobbling down the pizza and mojos I brought to the CADs room today. I hope you all enjoyed the food and to those who didn’t make it to the very short salo-salo… Constant vigilance! Special mention to Patrick Teng, CADs IVP, for the wonderful birthday blast that touched my tiny heart. To my CADs parents, Nic Hernandez, Tin Pascua and Yogi Catabijan, thank you for your parent-y greetings! To Ning Nunez, Bea Quitiquit and Alexa Lim who were looking for me in campus, I was actually out the whole day so I appreciate the effort and your beautiful birthday greetings! To Bell Javier, thank you for the constant reminder: NO DRAMA! And for carrying the food with me today. To my lesbian… fan, Bets San Luis, thank you for admitting it. Hehe.

To Nadine Narciso, who kicked my birthday off with fireworks. PIYU PIYU PIYU BOOM!

To Melissa Yu, thank you for offering me your first accounting test. I hope my prayers made sure you got your well-deserved A.

To Iris Alonso, I will fulfill my teenage dreams for you.

To Kia, Alghie, Elise, Fenay, Doldenn, Jinx. Thank you and please show yourselves soon. Especially you, Fenay and Jinx.

To Lu, you owe me a lot.

To my sister, thank you for the Harry Potter World Pop-up book.

To my parents.

To my brother, thank you for the Benefit Cha Cha Tint that I wore today.

To my other brother who found time to squeeze a dinner in his wild law school schedule.

To you, the reader, for reading this.

And to every Atenean reading this, it’s your last chance to join CADs tomorrow! I mean, seriously, WHY HAVEN’T YOU SIGNED UP??

Nicole x

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