Dramione v2.0

Hello, Dramione readers! I’m really glad that people read my previous post on Dramione and really enjoyed everyone’s enthusiasm and appreciation for the fics I recommended. I’m even more glad that you guys are always updating me or recommending fics for me to read and to show you my appreciation, I promised to read all of them and post them on this new Dramione recommendations post. Unfortunately, due to time issues, I haven’t really had time to read all recommended fics except for the one-shots.

Nonetheless, here is a compilation of all the Dramione fics that have accumulated in my formspring, thanks to you guys! I haven’t read these so I can’t say much about them and if you don’t like them, I apologize for not being able to screen these first. But it’s Dramione, it’s bound to be good however way it’s put together. Heehee.

I’ve read the first five already though.

  1. A Few of My Favorite Things – really sad but not sappy. I like the way it was written ’cause the sadness it held felt like it was coming from somewhere deep and not just school-girl sappy sadness. From one of my formspring’s favorite authors, harlequindreaming. One-shot.
  2. Once Upon A Thyme – chapter fic, AU. It’s quite long but I really like the twists I seriously never thought of. Just when I thought I was reading another one of those cliche’ fics, this totally gave me a shock towards the end. Definitely something one should read.
  3. A Wonderful Caricature of Intimacy – read this a few months ago. It’s quite long but I think the cheesiness got me through.
  4. Linked – got a lot of good feedback on this on formspring as well. It’s just the exact length to make you feel that you really did read a full fic without feeling cut short but you’ll definitely want the story to keep going anyway.
  5. Charon’s Gift and its sequels: The Year of the Rose and Dante’s Love Song – most heartbreaking fic trilogy I’ve ever read. Beautifully written and insanely touching. I’m not a person who’s attracted to short heartbreaking fics but this trilogy.. </3
  6. Thirteen Hours
  7. Saving You – read the first chapter though. It’s a new side of Hermione so far and I’m quite excited as to where this’ll lead to.
  8. The Disillusionment of Draco Malfoy
  9. Aurelian
  10. Sweet Caroline
  11. MakeMe Forget His Name
  12. Head to Head

For my friends over at formspring, special mention to Anais from New York who introduced herself to me even just through formspring(!), Dani and Elora, this post is for and by you! Thank you so much for spreading the love of Dramione. I promise I’ll manage to read all of the fics you’ve suggested even just little by little.

Please continue to spread the love! Formspring link on the sidebar on the right. I’d love to know what you guys think about the fics I’ve given short reviews of and recommended.

it saddens me that this is such a small picture, it’s such a nice photo manipulation.

Nicole x

Photo credit: Google. Credit as watermarked.

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4 Responses to Dramione v2.0

  1. I so love Dramione Loveteam! I’ve been reading fanfiction for days, I cant stop it!

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