The Best College Decision Ever Made

Let me tell you a short story. When I left high school, I told myself I’d focus completely on my academics and only bother with other things if and only if it will help me with my course. That meant that I would give up dancing and everything related to it. Up until I watched the CADs Jazz piece during OrSem Lunch of 2010, I was set on giving it all up but damn, I just wanted to dance like those girls. Next thing I know, I was auditioning for CADs Jazz thinking I didn’t have a chance but then.. I made it.

And that, my friends, was the story of the best decision I ever made in freshman year and quite possibly the whole of my college life. Joining CADs is like joining a family. No, wait, it is joining a family. With CADs, you’re surrounded by people who share the same wildly burning passion for dance that will no doubt make you friends forever.

Make the best decision in your college life too, join CADs.

Join our family! Join CADs Jazz!

Be like Jake, join CADs Production!

Meet CADs Jazz, the best people you’ll ever meet. I’m not even kidding.

CADs President, Paten Encarnacion

Jazz Head, Michelle Kawpeng

Logisitics Head, Pauline Manaloto

Promos Head, Alexa Lim

My mommy, Nicole Hernandez

Bee Carabeo

Marla Go

Bea Quitiquit

Isa Martin

Featuring the makeup I did

My wife, Ning Nunez

Patti Ocampo

And then there's me

Also, wouldn’t you want one of these super awesome and good-enough-to-eat profile pictures?


Performers: First Street and Jazz Auditions on July 2 and 4
Production Staff: Interview Period from July 11-15 for Creatives, Documentation & Publications, Backstage & Front of House, and Technical committees

Catch us at the MVP Roofdeck during Chromazone: Recweek 2011 from June 27-July 1.


Taken by Bardo Wu
Edited by Ionne Ocampo

Also, for all the Ateneo Communication Majors out there, make sure to join your home-org ACOMM. And let’s not forget to acknowledge the organization that helped bring you this year’s RecWeek, COA! Special shout out to my department, Finance & Marketing!

Drop by RecWeek 2011 at the MVP Roofdeck starting today!

BTS of CADs Jazz Candy shoot coming.. soon. 🙂

AAAND!!! Follow the new CADs Jazz Tumblr!

Nicole x

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3 Responses to The Best College Decision Ever Made

  1. marialeonila says:

    Can I just say….I freakin edited all the exteam photos….hahaha I edited yours with a huge smile on my face :3

  2. Nicole says:

    Awww Ning! That was a hell lot of editing. Good job, wifey! To our futures with COA!!!

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