Rainy Day Thoughts

Because I haven’t posted anything substantial in a while but I will soon, I have a surprise for everyone on Sunday night/Monday morning! Well, I hope you guys enjoy it but for now, if you enjoy actually reading what I write and not just look at the pictures, this something for you. This is a personal post.

Rainy day thoughts

  • I think I got lucky with my professors this semester except for one. My theology teacher is absolutely amazing, I actually married him yesterday. The way he makes analogies and simplifies things into layman’s terms amazes me. Oh and, he might just be the savior of my faith. Yup, definitely. My Fil 14 professor is equally good in his own right. He made me realize how Jose Rizal isn’t as perfect as thinks he is, how I was brainwashed into believing that the Philippines is one united nation and race in grade school, and how there was a massacre of Chinese people back in the Spanish colonization. It’s our first lecture in the semester and I’m already in love with him. Psych 101 and Com101 are good as well.
  • Our Com100 event seems like it’ll work out really well and will be a school-wide hit. As a teaser, I’d just like to say, thank God there at least a number of cute boys in the Ateneo. If you’d like to suggest a boy, formspring it or email or comment!
  • The rain today is in-frickin-sane. But thank you, rain, for not raining on me as I set out to Katipunan for breakfast and milk tea this morning, even if you rained on me like you haven’t been raining since the week started while I going back to Gonzaga.
  • I’m not supposed to be feeling this.
  • Favorite dating strategy that is now proven effective by two more other friends: “pa-miss strategy” or a friend and I used to call it “game”. This whole strategy is basically making the person miss you announced or unannounced (personally, I prefer it were announced so I wouldn’t go crazy with missing the other person) for a day or longer. Sounds like a fairly easy “game” to “play”, right? So, why do I like this strategy? As I have proven in the past, missing someone as much as I did that last time made me realize I had feelings for the other person. Feelings of what, I still don’t know but at least I knew I had them. It takes away the confusion of not knowing what’s happening but brings a different but GV (good vibes) kind of confusion. Now, why am I sharing this? Fxxk. Oh and shxt, this sucks ’cause this means everyone who might try anything with me knows my strategy. Now I hope no one reads this. HAHAHA.
  • I really really missed dancing.
  • The rain’s insane today, I hope everyone gets home safely. No Ondoy part 2 please.
  • “I had hoped you’d see my face and that you’d be reminded that for me, it isn’t over.” Frickin love Adele.

Think that’s enough personal sentiments for one post. Keep me company via Formspring (link on the sidebar) by giving me new songs – rainy day inspired, optional. And, I’m gonna read Dramione all night so i can have a Dramione II post up by the weekend. If you’ve any suggestions, you know where to go! One-shots are appreciated so I can finish all of them. ๐Ÿ™‚

This was a good day.

Nicole x


Life isn’t about getting through the storm, but about learning to dance in the rain. Just don’t attempt in this weather.

Photo credit: Denise Ibay.

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