#nowplaying – A New Side of Jay Sean + Ed Westwick

As I was browsing through my tumblr searches, I stumbled upon this song by Jay Sean. I’ve always liked Jay Sean’s music with his catchy beats and cliche’ lyrics but those never really made me follow and download all of his songs. Today, I found a new side of him when I heard him sing a slow song a la Bruno Mars. And in case you don’t know me well enough, I’ll tell you now: I love Bruno Mars. Along with my love for Adele and Mike Posner. You’re free to judge me based on my song preferences, it honestly reflects who I am. HAHAHA.

Today’s list

  1. Where Do We Go – Jay Sean
  2. Porcelain Heart – Nicola Roberts
  3. Stereo Hearts – Gym Class Heroes ft. Adam Levine
  4. Crash and Burn, Girl – Robyn
  5. Be Mine – Robyn
  6. Turn Around – Bruno Mars
  7. Dance in the Mirror – Bruno Mars
  8. Dancing on my Own – Robyn (Q’s song for me)
  9. Hey Daddy – Usher
  10. The One That Got Away – Katy Perry

Also, with all the feedback I’m getting from my recommended fics in my formspring, I have decided to have a part two of recommended fics. Send in your recommendations through my Formspring or simply comment below.

Or just hit me up on Formspring to say hi or something. And where is that strawberry ice cream person from my formspring? HAHAHA. Just kidding.

To close this. Can I just say, I can’t fucking wait for this to be on a billboard along EDSA? I’d be happily stuck in traffic just as long as I can see this.

I love you

Nicole x


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2 Responses to #nowplaying – A New Side of Jay Sean + Ed Westwick

  1. keentoes says:

    Lol, Robyn! I remember recommending those songs to you like…3 years ago. *friendship* hahaha! Although “dancing on my own” was a fairly recent recommendation πŸ˜€

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