End of Summer Shoot BTS

What better way to end my summer so makeup-filled with a photoshoot as a makeup artist? Many thanks to Teri Marcelo (my model for my 1920s makeup look) for getting me as her makeup artist for this shoot for her style portfolio. I’d just like to give you guys a bit of a back story on last Sunday’s shoot. The day before that, I woke up at two in the afternoon and spent the day lazing around at home reading fanfiction and watching dance videos on youtube until I felt the need to go to the gym. Despite all the energy I spent on the gym, I still had a surplus of it to last me until Sunday night. I spent 30 hours awake with a 5 minute nap at around noon while we were shooting. And, yes, my wife and this shoot’s photographer, Ning Nunez, took the liberty of taking my photo sleeping on the grass with a plastic plate on my head.

Sleeping so fashionably cause I was too scared let my legs stay on the grass too long

I knew that I’d be with really fashionable people so that’s me in my attempt to look fashionable or not as casual as I always am. Some people dress like that on a normal basis though. Guess that goes to show how abnormal I am. HAHA. And it was insanely hot! Thank god I decided to wear a really really really thin top over my bandeau and just denim shorts.

It was a new kind of shooting experience as all the shoots I’ve done were done in studios. Last Sunday, we shot in one of the gardens in UP. We set up on this circular table-like thing and had to brave the crawling and falling.. things and high grass that always made me feel like I was being crawled on. Nonetheless, it was a really fun experience to see how outdoor photoshoots were like and how makeup is like when subjected to natural light, heat and sweat. As I have observed, when the makeup has set with all the natural sweats and oils, it seemed to seep and become second skin. Oh and.. I forgot to bring one very important thing to the photoshoot and I’m not quite sure if it shows.. What do you think I left? hehehe.

Our photographer, Ning!

My light source: Sunlight peeking through the leaves of the trees.

Coachella-inspired eyes.

Nina Lizares for Teri Marcelo

Teaser for Nina!

Teaser for Teri's!

Super messy workplace due to scarcity of space.

Brick Breaker to pass the time

Fresh faced after so many posts of myself with makeup!

Crew Shot

To close this blog entry, I would like to show you my wildest picture yet. If you’re 18 and below, please don’t scroll down any further.


Nicole x

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