Be An Atenean, Screw Body Clock For The Rest Of Your Life

That is probably my longest blog title yet. So it’s five in the morning and I’m still awake and I have a photoshoot at seven, roughly two hours from now. As the title implies, be an Atenean, screw body clock for the rest of your life. Since the start of summer, I’ve already been trying to fix my body clock and summer’s ending today and yes, it’s still as screwed up as it has ever been before. So, how does Ateneo screw up your body clock?

  1. Ateneo drains your energy. When you’re so used to having all your energy drained on a regular basis, your body looks for it. And when you’re idle, you have all this unused energy running through your body and keeping you awake as though you drank five bottles of Red frickin Bull. I feel that way right now.
  2. Ateneo workload. Have you ever gone more than 24 hours without sleeping and a proper meal and still have a weird adrenaline rush after everything’s over that impedes you from falling asleep? It’s insanity.
  3. Caffeine dependence. My love for caffeine was strengthened through my freshman year. On days wherein I underestimate myself and stock up on caffeine but end up finishing earlier than expected, I just stay wide awake in bed hoping for the effects of caffeine to wear off.
  4. Over-sleeping at every chance possible. Saturday mid/nights to Sunday after/noons are my favorite times to sleep in. While it is extremely beneficial to sleep like a baby, the problem is: wake up late, sleep even later. Such is my case right now.

I really thought I could fix my body clock even just for a summer. Guess not. HAY. I guess I should just shower and eat breakfast now, shoot’s in an hour and a half. And when I get there, that’s when I’ll get sleepy. What else is new?

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