#makeupclass – Synthesis

Exactly two months ago, I re-entered the world of makeup mostly out of lack of better things to do and realized that this was the best thing to do. Along the way, however, I questioned my own commitment and love for makeup as the schedule impeded me from having a normal summer that consisted of bumming around with my friends and family. I found myself dragging my own body to a cab and eventually to makeup class but after a few minutes, I’d be back to my old zealous makeup fanatic.

My excitement and zeal was only partly because of my love for makeup. I was blessed to have worked with four amazingly talented and gifted makeup artists that all became my good friends: Nonay, Elaine, Jhing and Carla. And what would my makeup life be without my teacher, mentor, mother and friend Teacher Cheryl Cabanos? I can’t imagine how my makeup education would be like without these girls. I am more than glad that I was able to grow with them as they didn’t let our differences get in the way of anything.

I’d rather not divulge in a lot of details as I might get overly emotional but if you’re planning to pursue a career in makeup and want to learn, CCMA is the place to learn. I was guided by one of the best makeup artists in the industry and to say that she is selfless in teaching would even be an understatement. She is more than willing and able to impart every ounce of knowledge on things greater than makeup she has to each and every one of her students. I couldn’t ask for a better teacher to guide me so intimately and personally that knows all my strengths and weaknesses.

My go-to model

My sister

Photos by Lilee

Mommy Cheryl!

With last batch's graduates, Rhea and Lilee

The Gorgeous Cheryl Cabanos channeling her own inner Marilyn Monroe

Hair and Makeup by Jhing Formoso

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