#makeupclass – Nicole Ceballos in the 1950s

I never thought I could potentially look like Marilyn Monroe. And I didn’t even have to fake a mole! The 1950s was the age of Marilyn Monroe, the only peg I actually knew of in all our historic makeup pegs. The Marilyn Monroe look has been recreated and revamped by different personalities and I must say, the Marilyn Monroe look is a classic. Thick and winged liner, pink blushed cheeks, slightly lighter facial color, hooked and high-arched brows, full fire red lips and tight curls make for a passable imitation of Marilyn Monroe.

For this look, I was still limited to using only foundation, eye liner, eye shadow, mascara, blush, lipstick and foundation so… say hello to my eyebags and round face! I guess if you’ve been reading and looking through my own makeup experiments on myself often enough, you’d already notice that I do these makeup tricks to change my nose, create illusions of cheekbones and disappear eyebags.

Before - After

It's all in the lips. And the real mole

Say hello to my eye bags! โ™ฅ

See the difference in lips?

Hooked, high-arched brows

All that's lacking now is a cigarette!

Diamonds and makeup are a girls best friend


Another #makeupclass post coming right after this as we did two looks today! Thanks to my sister for taking the shots and modeling for me! She’s gonna be in my next post!

Do I make a passable 1950s chick?

Nicole x

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