#makeupclass – Michelle Barcelon in the 1930s

1930s makeup isn’t much different from 1920s. Mickey Mouse eyebrows, fuller lips and bright pink cheeks. As per usual, covering eye brows proved to be a very difficult task especially with generally thicker brows. Nonetheless, I’m quite pleased with the outcome and I thank God for giving me an actress for a model.

Before - After

Removing the paste from the eyebrows proved to be more difficult yesterday as I actually did the brows right this time. I was supposed to do a 1940s look on her right after but the gum won’t stick anymore ’cause there was still left-over baby oil on her eyebrows. We parted ways with two cold cups of milk tea from The Tea Shop in Katipunan on a cold day, maybe I’ll write about that little milk tea shop soon when I’ve had more time.

Nicole x

PS. Two words: James McAvoy. You know what it is xxx

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2 Responses to #makeupclass – Michelle Barcelon in the 1930s

  1. Niki says:

    Can I just say, you both absolutely work well with each other. Michie! You’re the perfect model for Nix, and likewise with Nix as a make-up artist. I think Michie can pull off any look.
    Great to ‘see’ you both bonding over the summer. But I’ll have to butt in sometime soon and accompany you for Milk Tea + the ever present Cerealicious treats.

    • Nicole says:

      I totally agree that Michie can pull of any look. I can’t even so much as imagine myself with Mickey Mouse eyebrows!
      Please do butt in sometime! We miss you! I think we need to make it a point to spend a night in Cerealicious after another killer test this sem.

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