Deconstruct 2011

UP Architecture Forum brings you…


Quench your thirst for Flesh.


Tickets at 250 pesos only
Free-flowing drinks!
For details and ticket reservations, contact Anna Del Rosario at 09175815432
Or add/like Deconstruct in Facebook

See you all at 7th High 😉

If you guys remember my work for UP Architecture Forum a month ago, here’s the end product! 🙂 0:01-0:04 Riki Flores, 0:12-0:15 Nikki Sunga, 0:35-0:36 & 0:43-0:46 Gab Yap were my models. And of course, 0:41-0:43 is my thuper duper cute friend Nadine Narciso who gave me this gig.

Unleash the beast within

See you kids in 7th High, July 2

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