#makeupclass – Teri Marcelo

Lines for eyebrows, dots for blush, hard lines for eye shadow, uneven skin tone and tiny lips. The question, “how was this ever in style?”, ran through my head more times than I can count. Today, we started on our historic makeup series with a 1920’s look. To really get the feel of authentic 1920s, we used only the kind of makeups that were available at that time – foundation, a variation of eye brow pencil (they used burn match sticks), lipstick and blush (they used sugar beets). No concealers, no contouring.

During the 1920s, they gave much importance to distinguishing the color of the facial makeup from the rest of the body so they used much whiter foundation compared to the neck. Geisha vibes. They also didn’t appreciate blending much `cause that would totally defeat their purpose of putting on makeup, which is to make it stand out. There are a lot of harsh lines and questionable color choices – orange dots for blush? – for the 1920s look and I can only thank time for changing the trends!

Today’s model is my orgmate and stylist Teri Marcelo. For today’s look, her eyebrows had to erased completely so that she could channel an authentic 1920s look. To erase the eyebrows, we had to used this gum/paste from Krayolan that made a plastic-like layer on the eyebrows that we could put concealer on. I had quite a difficult time using this gum as it started to flake after a while. Putting it on wasn’t quite as difficult as removing them. Mindful not to remove the paste along with her real eye brows, I had to drown it in baby oil, comb and brush them until they flaked away.

Presenting my 1920s chick, Teri Marcelo

Before - After

Also, kudos! I made it past my 6k hits mark already. Once again, thank you to everyone who takes time to read and support everything that’s posted here. It seems only yesterday that I was celebrating my 5k hits mark and now I’m beyond 6k. Thank you, everyone. I hope that this blog gives you as much joy as it gives me. And I hope you guys gain or learn even just a speck of new knowledge. 🙂 Nothing will make me happier!

Nicole x

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