FrontRow Productions Presents: Red Capsule 5 BTS

Last Thursday night, my classmates from CCMA and I were given the opportunity to do the makeup for the runway models of FrontRow Productions’ Red Capsule. Much like every other gig I’ve handled, the stress levels were high and the results were just as high in rewards. Prior to the gig, we had hairstyling class that was high-fashion themed with a lot of teasing and upright hair. Since there weren’t any models, I had to model because my hair was long enough. It turned out well but the next day, I had to make an unintentional visit to the salon for an even more unavoidable hot oil treatment because shampoo and conditioner weren’t enough to reverse the extreme effects of the teasing done to my hair.

It was terrible, really. I had three hairstylists trying to comb out the tangles that were already dreadlocks-ready. I think I may have consumed a whole bottle of hot oil conditioner. The untangling hurt like crazy, my hair was being pulled to three different directions and trust me, they weren’t gentle. After around 20-30 minutes of untangling, my hair was finally straight again. Not wanting a repeat of what happened, I decided to chop my hair off as well.

Tip: If you have virgin hair that is incredibly fine and limp like mine, DO NOT HAVE IT TEASED. If you do, you’re gonna have to be lucky enough to have hairstylists like mine from Profiles Salon who will take the time and patience to untangle it instead of making you bald.

On to more relevant makeup matters, as my hair was being teased by my classmate, I decided to play with makeup on myself only to have my teacher finish it for me a few minutes after I started. She ain’t no professional makeup artistΒ  and teacher for nothing, I can assure you that. I asked her to do anything she wants – high fashion, beauty, wild, avant-garde – with a special request to use the color green as I’ve never been able to make that color work on me (as I’ve mentioned in my post before this). As a makeup artist wanting to make her client happy, she followed my request and transformed me into a beautiful green-eyed monster. After hairstyling and makeup, I asked our friendly photographers to photograph me with my wild look. They haven’t posted any of those shots yet so none of those will be seen here. Not to mention, those shots, hair and makeup deserve their own post.

It was time for me to get to work. The peg was ‘after sex’ and glamor so that involved lots of shimmer and heavy eyes. I was able to do four models, two of which I managed to find photos of.

First was Louise, a small-faced chinita with beautiful bone structure. I wanted to open her eyes a whole lot so she’d stand out in the fashion shows so I used a super shimmery grey-silver base with charcoal black on top. I didn’t follow her crease as that would make her eyes rounder and smaller so I heavily winged the corners of her eyes diagonally and very very lightly blended some of the black inward. Her eyes popped and widened in an instant.

Next was Krystel, a square-faced mestiza with a strong jaw but soft features. At first, I could sense her unease with having someone put makeup on her so I made sure to ask her if she liked what I was doing every step of the way. She wasn’t a big fan of using loud colors so we settled for copper-brown eyes. She liked her look a lot and even said that it was her first time to be made up the way she wanted even if her look was simple and fresh. My heart swelled so much to find out that I was able to make someone feel beautiful because of my work.

Krystel on the left and Louise on the right in John Herrera

Krystel in her 'after sex' outfit

Introducing my makeup teacher Cheryl Cabanos’ makeup on me. Tell me, how many years do I have to work as a makeup artist to be able to achieve this greatness? She managed to make me look Korean! ME! KOREAN! HOW OFTEN DOES THAT HAPPEN???

With my beautiful model, Krystel

After a long day’s work with makeup, we still turn to makeup to relax. I made up Jhing while she did Carla’s. It was a good way to relax, nothing beats being pampered by someone else while you just close your eyes and let the soft bristles of the makeup brush touch your skin. It felt really good being made up by someone else after more than a year of doing makeup on other people and myself. Now I don’t wonder why my friends make it a point to be made up by me.

I did Jhing's makeup!

Madame Jhing Formoso in multicolored hair and me, attempting to match her fierceness

Fulfilled and accomplished after a long day's work

Makeup artists can double as models too

I’m quite impressed at how my makeup stayed on even after around six hours of stress. I can’t reiterate this enough, high-quality makeup goes a long way! On me is the green colors from my Kat Von D palette and MAC gel liner in Blacktrack.

So if you need fun, game and well-trained makeup artists, book us for your events! πŸ™‚

Always and forever,

Your green-eyed, teased hair monster,

Nicole x

Photo Credit: Jhing Formoso, Jay Gamboa, Krystel

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3 Responses to FrontRow Productions Presents: Red Capsule 5 BTS

  1. Krystel Ty Osayan says:

    Thank you so much to my lovely makeup artist, Miss Nicole πŸ™‚ I looked beautiful that night because of you ! It’s a WOW as in WHOAH , great job talaga ! I love you for that ! I’m so happy and satisfied with my makeup for the first time ! Yay, you’re the only makeup artist who made it so perfect ! You’re such a pro ! Keep it up ! β™₯

    • Nicole says:

      You’re very welcome, Krystel. πŸ™‚ I hope to be able to do your makeup again and again! Such a pretty face to put makeup on. πŸ™‚

      • Krystel Ty Osayan says:

        Yay, thanks a lot ! My privilege here πŸ™‚ Anyway, my makeup looked better in person than in pictures haha I wish I have a high quality camera. Lets wait for the photographers to upload our pictures. See you soon β™₯

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