Damn, my title is so corny. Hahaha hi! So tI debated with myself on what color to experiment with. I went back and forth from hot pink, orange, green and violet and finally settled for violet. Green isn’t really the best color on me, as I’ve proven to myself last night. Hot pink and orange made my eyes extra ginormous so violet seemed to be the best option. One eye makeup design I’ve been so frustrated with putting on myself is the smokey eyes ’cause every stroke is upwards and I end up hitting the mirror with the other end of the brush. Still takes me a while but I think I’ve gotten better and one thing’s for sure, high-quality pigmented makeup goes a long way.

For this look, I tried on two different shadows: Kat Von D Sinner from the Beethoven palette and a purple of a similar shade from my Coastal Scents shadow palette. When I’d put my brush onto the Coastal Scents color, I’d have to swipe it so many times to get color on my brush and then to my eyes but for the Kat Von D, I only dabbed one to two times and it’d deposit more than the former. I guess that’s how it should seeing as it is $34 for a reason. I also swear by my Kat Von D palettes with my life. I’ve been using them for a little over a year now and I’ve practically used the Lucifer ones from my Beethoven and Ludwig palettes in all my performances and it looks like it’s still full.

More on the look, I was actually going for a really colored face kind of look with the purple eyes, bright pink cheeks and purple-red lips. While I achieved that, the documentation was a bit of a fail ’cause the flash overpowered the colors that weren’t as bright or pigmented as the rest. Also, I noticed that this kind of made me look like a doll? Or is it just me? And I look weird without eye bags. I don’t look like myself. HAHAHA.

Before - After

Before - After

I'm not very fond of doing this straight face look

By the time this post will be up, I’ll be in a makeup gig for Frontrow Productions so wait up for that one as well! 🙂

Nicole x

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  1. deejfabian says:

    i think you need an exposure photoshoot for your make up portfolio and a photographer. :-“

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