It’s 2:57am on the second day of june in the year 2011. I should be sleeping, but then again, when did I ever sleep like a normal person? Before I make any attempts to sleep tonight, I’ll just write up something simple and bitter/sweet. I hope to promise this makes a lot of sense.

  1. A nice first semester schedule. Please no more 7:30am classes and too long breaks.
  2. A sunny birthday. I’d like a change for my birthday. The bad weather always dampens what little birthday spirit I have and for once.. I’d like a good birthday to remember.
  3. Good professors I can learn from without having to fail first.
  4. A sophomore year wardrobe. Sometimes I wish Ateneo had a uniform. SOMETIMES.
  5. Lots of enjoyable work to keep me focused on my long term goals.
  6. Portfolio shoots.
  7. Makeup.
  8. Free cuts and yummy food on my birthday.
  9. Successful RecWeek for both CADs and COA.
  10. Good health.

I guess my wishlist is a little demanding this month, huh? Got lots of high expectations and I just pray to all the supreme beings up there that they move the universe in my favor.

Long work day at makeup tomorrow. Wish me luck, energy and skill, loves.

Nicole x

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