@ 4:42AM

It’s been a long night and I’m incredibly high on makeup and Korean dramas. It took me quite a while to finish my makeup experiment tonight and took me even longer trying to take good pictures. Hopefully, I don’t disappoint as I’ll be posting a new makeup post later today when everyone’s awake to read it and when I’m ‘sober’ enough from to write sensibly about all that’s made me happy tonight.

I’d just like to say that everyone should definitely watch the Korean drama My Princess. Why? I think I’ll write it up when I’ve had some sleep so I could give it justice. My face hurts so bad from too much smiling from all the kiligness and giddiness. I can still remember the last time I’ve been this happy and wow, did I miss it much! I swear, when lonely and depressed, K-dramas my sure medicine. It requires a lot of free time and high-speed internet though but while it’s summer, I may as well spoil myself, right??

Any good k-dramas you recommend for what’s left of my summer? šŸ™‚

Good morning and good night

Nicole x

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