PAUSE: Fiamma Fresh Fridays 52711

Makeup! I have officially ended my hashtag series #makeup for the simple reason that I think that it doesn’t give me the freedom to come up with creative (more like corny or cheesy) titles for my posts. Also, as soon as I finish my makeup classes, so will my #makeupclass series. However, I’ll still file them under #makeup or #makeupclass for easy navigation and organization. 🙂

Like I said before, I’d have a makeup post this week because I had to put on makeup last friday night for an evening in Fiamma. As usual, I wasn’t able to fix my own makeup properly because I overestimated myself and thought that I could finish in 10 minutes. Clearly, I wasn’t as efficient last friday but the past weekend has taught me that I can make a full face in at least 15 minutes. More of that when I write about my makeup gig for Repertory Philippines’ 2011 production of Jesus Christ Superstar.

Last friday, I did the makeup of my friends Melissa, Iris and Q. Due to time constraints, I wasn’t able to do much for Q and just made sure she had eyeliner on her upper lash lids for her tiny eyes. Melissa, my suki believed in me enough and allowed me to put green, black and brown eye shadow and matte red lipstick, something she never thought she could pull off. Iris was lucky that I had enough time to put on a simple smokey eye makeup on her but I didn’t get to do more than that.

As for me, it was my first time to use liquid eyeliner on myself! Now that I’ve tried pencil, liquid and gel liner, I can now honestly say that gel liner is the perfect liner, in my opinion of course. Sometimes, pencil doesn’t write too well on top of a thick layer of shadow and it doesn’t come out as colored as I want it. Liquid liner always creates a very sharp and well-defined line but definitely comes out as the color it really is despite many layers of eye shadow. Not to mention, when I made a mistake with liquid liner, it was quite difficult to remove or even just lighten even if it’s not fully dried. Gel liner is easy to manipulate as it gives you enough time to blend before it dries completely until it won’t budge. It also almost always comes in a little pot so you’re free to use any size of brush according to your needs. Thank you, God, that I’m getting my MAC Blacktrack tomorrow!

Also, it’s my first time to use theBalm’s Mary-Lou Manizer! It’s not as obvious as I was testing out how it’d react to flash in dark places. Good thing I didn’t go overboard or I would’ve risked looking like a disco ball (I think)!

Melissa Yu in Viva Glam I, Me in almost invisible makeup, Q in upper lash lid liner, Iris in smokey eyes

Q Bora Vibes

While Q got Bora vibes, I got the usual summer lazy vibes and didn’t even bother combing my hair properly. Apologies to my displaced bangs and (hopefully) stylishly finger combed lazy hair.

Effects of theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer

I love how finely milled it is that I don’t even see weird flecks of it even when the camera and its flash hit me quite a lot. Oh and Melissa and Iris are also wearing this beautiful highlighter!

For a girl living in a tropical country during the summer, I don’t understand how I’m whiter than usual.

I missed you-ta! Visit me soon, k??

For future reference, never sit there

Please don't see what I see..

‘Twas a good night with good friends and barstools. To more gv nights before the wrath of Ateneo’s academic demands kill us all.

Photo credit: FFF facebook account and as watermarked.

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2 Responses to PAUSE: Fiamma Fresh Fridays 52711

  1. melissayou says:

    ganda ko sobra dahil sayo

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