Hola! I can’t believe it but I’m actually already at my 100th post and it’s only been a little over five months! I’ve been thinking hard about what to write on my 100th post and more popular blogs probably have give-aways, etc. for their milestone posts but unfortunately, I have nothing to give away… just yet. Maybe in the future, I will! But for now, I’d give away the history of this blog (if you’re interested), words of gratitude to a number of people, wishes and plans for the future. Lezzgeddit.


Back in January, I had to give up my social networking accounts so that I could focus on my academics and dance training. It was a great way to start a new year away from unnecessary time-consuming distractions. But what’s life without a few distractions along the way, really? With that, this wordpress was born. During competition season, I was so consumed with studying and training that I barely got to talk to people about things other than studying and training. I had so many stories to tell, rants to vent and jokes to share that could not be told to anyone at three in the morning because everyone was either cramming or sleeping. I needed an outlet, a place where I could tell people what was on my mind without expecting a comment, a like, a reblog or an @reply.

If you  read through my old posts, you’ll see that most of them were random and quite sabaw. With enough feedback from my friends and strangers, I decided to keep it as personal yet more entertaining and global. I can’t exactly say that my posts now are less sabaw but I’d like to believe that they have become more substantial and on point. I’ve also managed to fix all the tags and categories for easy navigating and even bothered with customizing a header. As of 9:54pm of May 29, 2011, this blog has been visited 5,210 times, more hits that I’ve ever expected in a span of five months.


Thank You (in no particular order)

  •  The restaurants I have reviewed
  • My models for my makeup classes
  • UP Architecture Forum
  • Repertory Philippines (will post soon!)
  • CADs
  • CADs Jazz
  • CCMA
  • Ateneo
  • Everyone who has been reading my wordpress faithfully


I’d very much like to continue blogging with anything and everything that may come across my small world. I’d also like to announce that I already have my official online makeup portfolio even if it’s still under construction. Please do give it a look and follow. I’ll start following people soon enough, when I’ve had the opportunity. Also, I’m very open to working with people who would be interested in my makeup services. Just e-mail me at ceballos.nicole@gmail.com

Thank you for being a part of my wordpress life!

Nicole x

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