theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer

To the tune of Britney Spears’ song Womanizer: Lou Manizer, Lou Manizer, you’re a Lou Manizer. You you you are, you you you are Lou Manizer Lou Manizer. You’re a Lou Manizer babehh.

Hello, yes, that was my attempt at catching your attention with a very creative introduction to my makeup review for theBalm’s Mary-Lou Manizer. It’s my first time to buy a theBalm product after reading about it in Temptalia, my favorite makeup blog (link on the right). The owner of the blog listed this highlighter as one of her top highlighters so I searched if this was available in Manila. Luckily, Beauty Bar carries theBalm and after going to different branches of Beauty Bar, I finally found my own compact from Gateway (for reference, it’s sold out in Rockwell, Trinoma and Shang when I asked just the other day).

What first caught my eye with this product was its adorable, vintage packaging. The box and the compact itself is printed with an adorable mugshot of Mary-Lou, a Manizer – probably the opposite of a womanizer? Also on the box are Mary-Lou’s ‘offenses’: highlighter, shimmer, eyeshadow, and her ‘charges’: too pretty, too popular. As I amused as I was with the packaging, I was more amused with the name of this product: Mary-Lou Manizer, Mary Lumanizer.. it’s a luminizer! Okay, you can laugh at how lame I am now.

Mary-Lou Manizer description on theBalm website.

theBalm’s Mary-Lou Manizer is definitely a good buy. At P895 ($20, but $24 in the US), you get more than you’ll need in this lifetime with 8.5 grams of highlighter! While it’s not as expensive as Smashbox (P1650), it’s definitely at par when it comes to quality. It’s finely milled and when you put it on, there are hardly any blotches or harsh spots. I read in Temptalia that a little bit of product goes a long way and I must agree, I dipped my brush lightly on the product and tapped off the excess, brushed it on my cheeks and viola, shimmering cheek bones! As a girl not gifted with prominent cheekbones as I would have hoped for, highlighted cheekbones are essential.

I won’t be able to post a sample of this on my face but I promise to post a new makeup entry on saturday as I’ll have to put on makeup on friday night. My teacher even texted me this morning reminding me to keep practicing makeup even if we don’t have classes. Guess she felt how much bumming I’ve been doing this week.


If the product inside wasn't good, I'd say that I bought it for the packaging

Luckily, the product is just as good as the packaging!

Swatched on my arm.

So if you’re looking for a good highlighter/luminizer, head on to Beauty Bar and pick this up and not feel too bad about getting it.

Nicole x

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2 Responses to theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer

  1. marialeonila says:

    makes me wanna get one nix….hahaha demn u

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