For this week, please don’t expect any makeup posts of any kind as I don’t have any makeup classes. As mentioned in the header, this blog isn’t just about makeup. Today’s post shall be under etc., I guess.

Just in case you didn’t know what Dramione is, it’s a Harry Potter pairing between the gorgeous Draco Malfoy and clever Hermione Granger and it only exists in fanfiction. Dramione also happens to be my favorite pairing in the whole world and to my surprise, a whole lot of people love them as much (or even more than) I do. A lot of non-Dramione shippers wonder why I’m so in love with this pairing even if its clearly more than impossible to happen but that’s exactly why I love it. The impossibility of a love to blossom in such hostile and unwelcoming circumstances just hits a chord in my tiny heart.

Some people tell me that it’s so easy to make a story about them – you can simply use the old “the more you hate, the more you love” route or just magically bind them together. While there are a whole lot of fanfiction writers that use these plots, I read those that don’t go through the easy way and really think of an original way to make the two fall in love. Personally, I like plots that are alternate universe or post-Hogwarts so that the plot of them being Heads would be ruled out. AU also allows the writer to create a whole new world for the characters that also creates a whole new twist and catch.

Fanfiction for this pairing also made me see a new side of both characters. Initially, I didn’t like Hermione’s character as much because know-it-all’s and straight-A students annoy me, in general. I was already madly in love with Draco Malfoy 80% because of his representation in the movies but when I started reading fanfiction, I don’t know anymore. It’s like love isn’t even enough to explain how I feel about him. I wish I was kidding. Okay, I am, just a little bit. I’ve read so many Dramione fanfiction that sometimes, I mix the characters’ personalities with the actual JK Rowling-made personalities.

And I’m babbling now so I’ll just give you guys a list of my favorite fanfiction I’m sure will make your summers more interesting if not a little less boring.

In no particular order

  1. Love, Your Secret Santa
  2. La Cerise: The Sweetest Cherry
  3. Their Room
  4. Parenting Class and it’s sequel, One Step At A Time

I’ve read more but those are the ones that really made a mark in my heart and I just seem to run back to them when I need my Dramione fix.

I don’t usually let people know of my now not so secret obsession with Dramione fanfiction but I think it’s time I shared to everyone the love and this way, I might just get new stories from whoever read this! Hi, if you’re reading this and you like Dramione FFs, please let me in on your favorite stories too! 🙂

Going to hunt for new fics now,

Nicole x


please comment or formspring me fanfics! hehe

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6 Responses to Dramione

  1. Dani says:

    Is it lame that all (except that last one) has all been clicked on already. But I don’t think I’ve read Parenting Class… I’ve probably saved it in my to-reads haha.

    I swear. Unanswered is soooo good.
    And What Love Is by Inell– it got me started on the whole Dramione thing in the first place haha. But I think i’ve recommended these to you. Have you read Once Upon A Thyme? It’s AU, and from what I remember it’s cute. And Claiming Hermione! I don’t remember the whole story but I must’ve liked it enough to remember the title haha. Looking through my fave’d fics in ff.net um, Charon’s Gift was a real tear-jerker but oneshot lang.

    I’m trying to find this other one but I can’t remember the title -___-

    • Nicole says:

      I’ve read so many nice ones but I read them back in fourth grade that I can’t remember their titles anymore. I only remember vague bits of the fics. 😐 I just realized that I never got to finish the sequel for Parenting Class cause it wasn’t finished yet and I never got to go back to it. Shet been reading it for the past 2-3 hours now 😦

      I think I’ll read Once Upon A Thyme tomorrow, the AU bit caught my eye. I love AU! I think I read Claiming Hermione na.. 😕 I’ll check. Hehe thanks dani! I have your birthday gift here!!

  2. Elora Picson says:

    I never would have thought that you read FanFic! I’ve been reading Fanfic for about five years now but I stopped somewhere in between but I’m back to addiction right now. There is no better ship than Dramione, honestly! I’m currently reading “Alexander Malfoy” and it’s pretty good but a little too fast.

    My favorite fics include “Sweet Caroline”, “MakeMe Forget His Name”, “Head to Head” and a lot more. Haha! FanFic is one of the best websites on earth.

    • Nicole says:

      Of course there’s no better ship than Dramione! I reread HP7 though and I’m thinking of reading some Snape/Lily fics, I wonder how that’s gonna go. Yay, thanks! I’ll give those a go. 🙂

  3. Niki here. This piqued my interest, and I unconsciously clicked ‘Love, Your Secret Santa’. First paragraph down and I’m hooked. This is your fault Nicole. HAHA. Will read more of this. I’m getting ideas.

    • Nicole says:

      Is this your first time to read Dramione??? Welcome to a new kind of shipping outside of Kpop, Niki! And I’m glad this is my fault. Check out another shot mentioned in the comments, Charon’s Gift. HEARTBREAKING.

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