#makeupclass – Lizzie del Rosario

Maaaaaarry meeee, today and every day. Maaaarry me, if I ever get the nerve to say hello in this cafe’, say you will.

To cap off my series of bridal makeup, I bring you Lizzie del Rosario, my bronze beach bride. Out of all the bridal makeup looks, this has got to be my favorite for the simple reason that I’m extremely biased to illuminated skin. For the longest time, I’ve been trying to figure out how you make your skin glow without piling on mounds of highlighter and bronzer that could easily rub off on tissue or practically anything. Apparently, the secret is that you add illuminizer to your foundation for that seemingly innate glow. I think, even if I won’t be a bronze bride (or any kind of bride, for that matter), I’ll use this trick just for shoots or just parties.

Bronze bridal makeup speaks for itself, really. Consists of a lot of shimmers and minimal shading since beach weddings are ideally outdoors, under the natural light. For this look, I maximized the opportunity to use shimmery eye shadows. For the base, I used my lightest shimmery shade which was almost white silver (thank you, Lizzie, for having fair skin!). The succeeding colors were 2 different shades of bronze – my two favorite eye shadows that I’ve been missing for so long now. It was also my first time to use orange lipstick that was thankfully sheer and not full on orange.

Unfortunately, I am still unable to tightly grip objects with my right hand due to the biggest blister on the joint area of my middle finger and because of that, I’d like to credit my makeup teacher for doing the hairstyling for this look. On the brighter side of things, I actually had time to put on makeup on myself today. I used some left over shimmery foundation for a wee bit of glow on myself. I must admit though, I kind of look weird with makeup. Am I the only one who thinks that? Hahaha. 🙂

Before - After

The white stuff are corrective concealer marks as I forgot to take a picture before doing anything to her face. I apologize!

Wacky Bride!

I love you, Liz!

And now, presenting my photoshop “skills”. HAHAHA.

Nicole x

Photo credit: Karen Asistio

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