#makeupclass – Met Villar

As promised, a new makeup post! Before anything else I’d like to announce that I accidentally burned my hand with a curling iron and with that, I may not be able to make my entry on my stay in Guangzhou and make long posts in general as my right hand is smothered with burn ointment. Luckily, I was already able to finish the makeup before I scorched myself. On the downside, I wont be able to render my photos nor was I able to take many photos. However, today, we were lucky enough to have lots of models that brought cameras so just like my #makeupclass post on Michelle, I’ll create a new post for new pictures once I get a hold of them.

Instead of pushing through with historic makeup, we did a different kind of bridal makeup which is the afternoon-peachy makeup. Today’s model is Met Villar whom I just met yester cause I didn’t have a model. We kind of live in a small world since we’re in the same batch but in different schools.



Peachy Bride

Have you Met?

Only Bare Face!

My teacher in 6 colors of eye shadow magic

Nicole x

Photo credit: Karen Asistio

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