#makeup – UP Architecture Forum Shoot

Thank you, UP Architecture Forum for getting me as one of your makeup staff for your shoot! And for being my first makeup gig outside of CADs and my beautiful friend Melissa Yu.

It was a really different kind of experience since this time, I didn’t know anyone and yet, they were all extremely nice to accommodate me and let me do my job with full trust and zero hesitation. Due to schedule conflicts with this shoot and makeup class, I arrived at the first day of the shoot at five in the afternoon, four hours later than call time and for that I couldn’t apologize enough to everyone in the shoot.

On the first day, I only got to work with one model and it being nearly sunset, the sun was blazing through the big windows of the set and directly lit up my model. While natural lighting is the most ideal lighting for makeup application, this natural light wasn’t as ideal as I hoped for it to be. Skin matching and concealing became a bigger challenge than usual but I’m glad we made it through.

Nikki Sunga

For the second day, I only had time to work on two models as I had a flight to Guangzhou later that night. I had a really fun time working with the models since they were all nice enough to start conversations and joke with you. Since it’s my first time to do this sort of work with new people, I didn’t really know how to approach them without seeming unprofessional but they seemed to be so used to it that they made me feel really comfortable. They were all also very open to any kind of makeup I wanted to do for them. When I asked one of the models to choose between doll-like or drag queen-esque falsies, she just laughed and asked me if she looked more like a doll or a drag queen. Not wanting to hurt her feelings, we ended up eenie meenie miney moe-ing the falsies.

The photography team was also very nice and accommodating that they asked for my creative opinion for every test shot they took. Like I said, I have zero knowledge on the field of photography but I still knew what makes a good or a bad photo. Every time I’d see something lacking in the photo, they’d allow me to freely retouch on the model. Not to mention, they were quite funny as well.

Busy set!

Featuring the sociable board girl, Melissa Yu!

Crew Shot!

Once again, thank you, UP Architecture Forum for this opportunity! Special thanks to Nadine Narciso, specifically, for getting me. At the rate you guys are planning for this event, I just know this’ll be a successful one!

Watch out for more footage, teasers for their event. For now, I’ll keep it as a mystery. Just remember to block off July 2, 2011 and you’re good to go. 😉

Nicole x

Photo credit: Mikee Dela Cruz. Miguel Banal. Elise Mendoza

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