#makeupclass – Toni Potenciano

Everyone, meet Toni Potenciano, my Androgynous, Glam Rock, Edgy, CEO Bitch.

The moment I found out that yesterday’s lesson was for black & white photographic makeup, I knew that my choice in model was perfect. Toni has this old hollywood glamor vibe thanks to her wonderful haircut and what screams old hollywood more than black & white photographs?

For this look, we were tasked to pile on a lot of makeup since black & white photos require the extremes of colors. Personally, I wouldn’t wear b&w photographic makeup anywhere unless you’re going to an 80’s British rock concert, I guess. This look made us of a lot of hard blending, heavy contouring and strong lips so that the facial features would pop out of the photograph.

I’d also like to acknowledge the presence of Jorel Lising for supplying us these photographs as I left my camera again and bringing me breakfast, lunch and merienda all in one burger. Of course, Third Fernandez for gracing us with his keen sense of beauty and fashion and natural talent to entertain and do couture poses. And for lending me his deep violet Topshop lipstick, which made Toni’s lips perfect.

Before - After

See the difference of no makeup and B&W photographic makeup?

My first action shot

Ms. Toni Potenciano

Still looking for a male model for my makeup class tomorrow. If interested please contact me via email! ceballos.nicole@gmail.com!

Nicole x

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