It’s a new month, time for new wishes. Rather, a restatement of still ungranted wishes alongside even more wishes. Wish away!

  1. Gain weight through muscles and a little bit of fat.  Bones never looked good on anyone
  2. Graduate from makeup school!
  3. Find a way to make money to buy my even longer list of makeup cravings.
  4. Lose the eyebags (this has been on my wishlist longer than I would like it to)
  5. Get taller (this too)
  6. Finish my koreanovelas ’cause I’m 10000000% sure the next time I’ll have time to watch will be summer 2012.
  7. Backtuck, valdes, girl fouettes, triples.
  8. Money.
  9. Alex Pettyfer
  10. That perfect suede brown satchel bag from Zara. Again, money.
  11. Skate!
  12. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince 2-disc DVD. I can never forgive myself for forgetting to buy my copy when it came out.
  13. Love. Yuck, meganon?
  15. Climb another mountain

To fulfill one of my wishes, I must get back to My Princess now.

Happy May everyone!

Here’s some Alex Pettyfer for some GV

My new cellphone wallpaper

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