#makeupclass – Karen Ceballos v2.0

Welcome back, sister, for another round of makeup. For yesterday’s session, we took up different eye shapes and my sister’s look is customized particularly for her eye shape which is wide-set. Wide-set eyes are generally farther from the nose than usual thus, to recede the distance of the nose bridge from the eyes, the inner corners of the eyes should be darker. Basically, this look is the opposite of her previous look which was an eye makeup look for all eye shapes.

For so many years, I was under the impression that my eyes are ginormous compared to the rest of my face but after analyzing, my eyes are, in makeup terms, perfect – almond shaped and evenly spaced. With that, I can do any kind of eye makeup look and it would look good on me but if that is so, why do i always find it so difficult to put eye makeup on myself? Although, admittedly, I find it more difficult to put makeup on myself than on other people.

So for this look, I chose the color green because my sister refused to have the usual browns or blacks on her eyes. Since the rule is, the client is always right, I followed her wishes. Unintentionally, the look became a little too high fashion for such a simple day. This look is probably the hardest look I did to date. The blending was insanely crazy and since I was on the high fashion road, might as well make it high fashion all the way. Not to mention, I really hate green.

Nonetheless, I’m a little happy with the outcome. I’m just hoping for better days. Sigh.

Before - After

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