He had good memory. He easily remembered people’s names and faces even after meeting them just once. He remembered the little details of the people he knew well. He remembered dates of the most useless days like when he went out on a date with this girl and when he found out his bestfriend was actually homosexual.He remembered things so well that whenever he’d come across something related to it, he’d think of that person, that event, that moment, that animal.

When he sees soccer ball, he remembers his long-time friend who’s been playing football since she started walking. He remembers the many football games he could’ve been there to support her but never did simply because he always told himself that he’d watch the next game. And the next. And the next.

When he sees something brightly and boldly green, he thinks of friend that seems to know so much about life but hasn’t really lived all that much. He hated green more than any other color and cringes at the sight of it but when he saw this bright green tumbler on the shelves of Starbucks Coffee, he couldn’t help but think of how much his friend would love to own it.

Whenever he’d hear this particular song, images of their beautiful past would automatically flash in his mind. He’d think about how that song was perfect for their short love story that was filled with love, uncertainty and thrill. He’d remember the nights and early mornings they spent with each other trying to runaway from everything else except each other.

Whenever he would see something neon or highlighter colored, he’d remember his grandfather whose motto was “the brighter, the better” and so, bought everything in the brightest color available.

He’d remember smaller things like a friend’s sense of style and think to himself, “that looks something like Lucy or George would wear”. He’d remember details like his mom’s great fear and disgust for lizards and say, “man, if that lizard did that to my mom, she’d get a heart attack”.

In the middle of all his remembering and thoughtfulness, he thought of himself. Did people think of him when they’d watch (500) Days of Summer? Did anyone think of him when they eat French Crepes? Did anyone think of him at all?

I dare say he thinks too much for his own good.

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