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*Repost due to layout problems with original post.

Presenting my new hashtag series, #makeupclass. As I have probably mentioned a few times in my previous posts, I’m currently taking up a professional makeup course under my one and only makeup teacher Cheryl Cabanos. As part of our training, we are to document each and every look we do in class and this marks the start of my new makeup journey. As early as now, I’d like to apologize for my inexistent photography and image editing (more like compiling?) skills. I rely on the Portrait option of my Canon Digicam (not that I know if it makes the photo any better) and the crop, select and drag commands of Photoshop CS5 (I don’t get to use my CS5 to its full potential, you can judge me).

What better way to start a new journey than starting it with your own sister?

For my first hands-on session (second for my classmates, I missed the first one unfortunately), we did a 4-tone evening look. It’s quite manageable, just make sure you have the perfect blending of colors. For my sister’s look, I went for a violet look simply because she’s been trying to make me do a violet eye for her since time immemorial but never got to do so because I didn’t know how.

Here’s a quick runthrough of the steps for this look:

  1. Cover the entire lid with a light colored base. In this case, I just used a light purple not quite lavender.
  2. Use a darker shade of the color of the base and blend that from the corner following the crease.
  3. Use a darker shade than that of the second color and blend from the corner until the center of the crease only.
  4. On the corners of the eyes, just dab on a little bit of black to darken it a bit and just blend inward but make sure to stay within the corners and not reach the center.
  5. Line upper lash line and upper inner rim with black liner.
  6. Line lower lash lid with the third color used and the lower inner rim with black liner.

Before - After

Meet My Sister

All The Models Of Our Class

Open to critiques, comments, suggestions, hellos, etc. Formspring link to your right!

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