#makeupclass – Francine Narciso

Day 2 – Smokey Eyes

When I hear the phrase ‘smokey eyes’, the image of black piercing eye makeup comes to my mind. But after today, I realized that you can use colors other than black for smokey eyes. The term ‘smokey’ doesn’t necessarily pertain to copying actual smoke – gray, black, etc. In the makeup world, the term ‘smokey’ refers to the gradation of colors from the lashline to the eyelids, just how smoke is darker when it’s nearer to the source than when it’s up in the air. I’m really hoping you all get what I’m talking about.

Basically, a smokey eye has to be darker when it’s nearer the eyeball and lighter as it goes to the eyebrows. According to my teacher, it’s to bring out the color of the eyes. Luckily, my model, Francine Narciso, has beautiful eyes to compliment this look perfectly. You’ll see what I’m talking about as you read through this and see her eyes. Since I’ve done black eye makeup more times than I wish, I opted for a blue smokey eye look.

Quick runthrough:

  1. Using the tip of a flat eye shadow brush, line the eyes with the eyeshadow of choice. Make sure to put a lot since all your blending will start from here.
  2. Get more eyeshadow and blend it upward to achieve a graded and real smokey eye look. Upward.
  3. Once blended, line upper inner rim and upper lash line with black eyeliner.
  4. Line lower lashlid with the same eyeshadow and the lower inner rim with gray or light black liner.
  5. Curl and put mascara on eyelashes.

Tips for smokey eyes:

  1. Strong eyes, mute everything else. Nude lips, light blush.
  2. Use only one eyeshadow.
  3. Patience is a crucial virtue in this one.
  4. Prep the eyes and do the eye makeup before prepping the rest of the face.
  5. Blend upwards at all times.

Before - After

The Many Faces Of

Francine Narciso

Smokey Eyes

Shout-out: currently looking for a model for my class on wednesday, 11am-3pm. Free makeup! Let me know!

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