It’s no question that dealing with death ultimately tests a person’s strength and it’s also no question that you, my dear Steph Ayson, are strong enough to handle this trial. Throughout this ordeal, I pray that you stay strong for your family, your friends, the strangers that believe in you, your haters, your bashers, AJ and most especially for yourself.

While being strong is a great feat for anyone, especially for one dealing with an untimely death, don’t forget to give yourself a break. Crying and grieving is not a sign of weakness. It takes great strength to show your true feelings and even greater strength to accept reality at times that feel unreal.

Stay strong Steph, we’ll all be here to remind you and when the going gets too tough to handle, we’ll be strong for you. If there’s one thing High School (Musical) taught us, it’s that we’re all in this together.


Please help us in our efforts to make #staystrongsteph a trend in Twitter. Remember to put it only once in a tweet so that it won’t become spam and not contribute to the trend. Thank you.

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