Lately, I think I’ve been overusing the word ‘ANYAREH’ – slang for two Filipino words “anong nangyari” put together which roughly translates to “What happened??”. So, anyareh nga ba? Here is a new photodump as I’ve collected a sizable amount of pictures in the last three weeks or so.

CADs Extant Cast Party 2011 – Extremely eventful and red. In my efforts to stay away from booze and other things, I settled for a new vice, playing the addicting card game Bridge. I’d rather not divulge on the details but as usual, it was another very good night with the best org in the world.

Mrs Pascua subbing for Tin Pascua

Sober Kids Who Played Bridge All Night

Braid Train

So Close!

Taken with my amazing backbending skillz

With my CADs wife, Ning Nunez

En/Lit Block Ro2 Poo Poo Party – A new partying experience with my favorite block in college. I thought I came in fashionably late but I guess I missed half of the party when I came in at 8pm. Three-fourths of my block had a little too much (some actually really just a little) booze and it showed. As usual, I was the mother to those much older than me but let’s not focus on the icky details. It was a good bonding night with the rest of my classmates sober enough to converse with. I never thought I’d grow so close to my EnLit block but it turns out I’m much closer to them than my real course block. Like I told them in our forever active FB groups, they served as my motivation to get up for my 7:30am classes because they were such a pleasure to work with. To another round of poo poo, my lovelies.


Veauty in Sovriety

I love you guys no matter how weird you are

Fiamma Fresh Fridays – My last trip to a bar/club unless it’s a friend’s birthday.

My Eyes Are Huge

With the Gorgeoussss Dani and Ning

Pico de Loro Climb – For details on this climb, click here.

Pico de Loro Crew!

True Happiness

What I really did at the top of a huge rock

While I’m blogging, I’d write a few extra bits of my thoughts on here as well. Anyareh na ba sa buhay ko ngayon?

Tomorrow, I’m going to have my interview for COA ExTeam as I applied to be a Marketing Manager for the Finance & Marketing department. I’ve always held a fascination for marketing and it grew even more with my stay in the marketing committee of CADs. I intend to further my skills, if any, in marketing on a greater scale with COA. Also tomorrow, I’ll be attending my first hands-on makeup class at CCMA under my mentor Cheryl Cabanos. I missed the first one for jazz training but tomorrow, I’ll be missing jazz training for makeup. I’m still in the middle of figuring out my summer schedule, I didn’t expect it to be this busy!

In the coming weeks, it’d be filled with even more makeup as my classes are 4x a week, 4 hours per session so expect a lot of makeup posts soon. My haul of new makeup brushes from Sigma and EcoTools are bound to come in by next week as well. Hopefully, I’d be able to buy theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer from Beauty Bar soon too. I looked it up in my favorite makeup blog Temptalia and she listed it as one of her top 5 highlighters and since I’ve been looking for a good highlighter which isn’t so wallet-thinning, I dropped by Beauty Bar in the hopes of scoring one there. I expected it to cost around 1,000 to 1,500 but to my surprise, it was only 895! I’m not even kidding. Though it was only 895, I realized that I didn’t have enough cash on me that day so decided to leave it and come back another day. I tried it on and my oh my, it really was a really good highlighter and for 895, it was a huge compact filled with product.

Also, watch Rio!!! It’s such a cute movie with a really good soundtrack as well. To convince you, I suggest you listen to the song Fly Love by Jamie Foxx.

Bora 2011 post coming after this.

Nicole x

Photo Credits

Derek Sta. Ana. Antonio Del Rosario. Issa Gonzales.

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