Looks of Steal

Based on a true story.

Tonight, as I was walking to Serenitea from Gloria Maris, I saw this girl wearing party clothes that covered only the essential parts of a woman and sky high heels. I don’t want to stereotype but her appearance screamed ‘stripper’ vibes. Party Girl hailed a cab and probably told the cab driver the details of her destination but to my surprise, the cab driver denied her within a few seconds. Again, I don’t want to generalize, but most cab drivers would just let Party Girl ride the cab even if it was traffic or she had to go all the way to, say, Paranaque. Seeing this, I remembered a familiar story a cab driver told me when I rode a cab from Greenhills to Eastwood one random day.

A few minutes into the cab ride, the driver politely asked me, “Miss, ‘di niyo naman po ako nanakawan, diba? (you won’t steal from me, right?)” Despite his politeness, I couldn’t help but feel offended. Did I seriously look like I would steal from a cab driver? Nonetheless, I answered him that no, I wouldn’t steal from him and just out of curiosity, I asked him why he asked me so.

One night, he had a girl costumer that he described as pretty and sexy that asked him to bring her to Katipunan. The cab driver just did his job and drove her to her desired destination. However, along the way, the girl asked the cab driver to pull over on the side of the road where, apparently, a number of guys were standing, ready to steal the cab driver’s earn for the day. The cab driver, not wanting to gamble his life for a few hundreds of pesos, just gave his earnings, dropped the girl off and drove the hell out of there.

I guess he hasn’t gotten over the trauma from the incident and is still quite scarred by this sexy girl who lead him into a hold-up that he just had to make sure that I, a simpleton, wouldn’t steal from him. I empathized with the cab driver and just let him tell his story – he seemed like he needed someone to listen. When it was time to pay, I purposely over-tipped him. At least he was a few pesos closer to the money he lost.

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3 Responses to Looks of Steal

  1. vnuj says:

    scary. kawawa naman yung driver. grabe na talaga ngayon. good thing you weren’t offended. may tip pa, bait naman ::

  2. marialeonila says:

    I feel so sad and scared at the same time…………people these days…

  3. elorapicson says:

    That’s so sad for the driver, and you’re really nice.

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