It’s The Cliiiiiimb

Disclaimer: I hate this song.

Yesterday, I crossed an entry off my bucket list, which is to climb a mountain at least once in my life. I never thought I’d ever climb a mountain until its peak. I’ve trekked a few mountains/hills but never made it to the top because I never planned to.

The climb up was long and exhausting ’cause I went to the gym and haven’t sleep the night before the climb. I was practically dragging myself up the mountain for around three hours and this much I can say: don’t go up a mountain sleepless and all worked out. After a three hour trek of ups and downs and rocks, we finally made it to the campsite. I took a much needed five minute nap and then continued the climb to the peak of Pico De Loro. The climb up was much harder than all the three hours of trekking going there. There was hardly a trail and it was so dry that the soil was crumbling down and I slid a few times. I had to rely on the cut up bamboo trees for support and held on anything else that didn’t slide down like I did.

It becomes all worth it when you see the awesome 360-degree view from the top and realize that damn, nature is so beautiful. I hate the color green with a passion and all but wow, all that green from up there is just so beautiful. You see all shades of green from there and you even see the coves of Cavite so you get both land and water. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

The trip to Pico de Loro wouldn’t be the same unless you climb the pillar which is practically a huge rock sticking out of the land. This is where all wall climbing hardships seems so pathetic cause when you climb the pillar, there aren’t any defined hand and foot holds that you just really have to think of how to get up there. I spent about 5 minutes there and it felt even longer when I nearly fell off of it and probably went through the cliff. Thrilling, isn’t it? And I’m not even sarcastic. While the view from the peak and the top of the pillar is the same, it just feels more rewarding than the first simply because of the climb getting up to the pillar.

I didn’t exactly do much at the peaks since I didn’t know what to do but eat and sleep. After having lunch with the view, I decided to retire on the rocky land of the peak and have one of the best naps of my life. It was so windy and the sun was just warm. It was the perfect way to spend the noon and catch up on some sleep. I did the exact same thing at the top of the pillar. I was that sleepy. HAHAHA

Before leaving the peak, the winds were insane that I was literally being winded away! It reminded me so much of the winds in the deserts of Vegas. Had I opened my jacket to the direction of the wind, I probably would’ve fallen off the peak.

It was quite the experience and I think that I’ll climb a few more mountains in this lifetime. Next time, I’ll make sure to bring a friend or two so that I’ll be able to share the beauties of nature with more people. Or not. The mountains, the long treks and the view is perfect for meditation and self-reflection, too.

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