Summer Love

Now that all of my final exams are done, I am officially on summer break! I just have to submit revised versions of my papers tomorrow and friday and I’m free as I’ll ever be!

It was quite a semester, if you ask me. But I’d rather not dwell on the bittersweet past and just look forward to the future which is looking bright and really sweet from where I’m looking. If the title caught your eye, no, this ain’t a post on any summer love story as I have never had any sort of summer love. Maybe this summer will be different though? Doesn’t matter, really, I already have a lot of stuff planned!

  1. Go back to Club Gymnastica. I am very ambitious in the gymn.
  2. Do belly dancing with my Tita
  3. Learn how to drive!!! So that the moment I turn 17, I get my license and I can drive aaaanywhere.
  4. Get a certificate course for makeup
  5. EAT! Strawberry Shortcake, I’ve been lusting over you for a very long time now.
  6. Bake! I don’t know where but I really hope I’ll get to bake either way.
  7. Summer training with jazzers! And CADs
  8. Have a blaaaast at Bora. I already know I will.
  9. Party
  10. Live life



On a more touching note, here’s a picture of my En/Lit blockmates spelling out NIX with their arms when they conquered my macbook pro’s photobooth while I suffered in my Chem final exam.


I have the best En/Lit block ever. Can’t wait to party with you guys tomorrow!

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