#makeup: Michelle Barcelon

Remember when I said that my next post won’t be a #makeup post anymore? Yeah, no, that’s not happening. Today, we shot part two of our chemistry project which is a makeup look using mineral makeup. Can I just rant? I hate mineral makeup. As much as I’d like to expound, I wouldn’t want to shatter a mineral makeup lover’s glass. I guess I’ll just stay away from mineral makeup until the science and technology behind it is as refined as non-mineral makeup.

My improvisation skills were put to the test because of the scarcity of mineral makeup that I just borrowed. I practically didn’t have the essentials of a night look such as eye-liner, mascara and black eye shadow. Not to mention, the only liquid foundation I found was just about two shades darker than the rest of her body and the mineral face powder wasn’t sticking to her skin so it didn’t even out the color at all.

Despite the difficulties of this look, I’m quite pleased with the turnout. It still sort of looks like a night look – strong eyes, soft lips.

Muse of the Morning: Michelle Barcelon

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank my patient groupmates, Retty, Jorel and Michelle for, well,  being patient with me throughout the shooting process.

Look For The Girl With The Broken Smile

UPDATE: None of this would be possible if not for the help we got from our friends who lent us the mineral makeup we used! I can’t believe I forgot to put it here!

Thank you Slo Lopez, Ning Nunez and Sasha Hawkins!

Obligatory Red-Light Shot Because Of Jorel's Fascination

Tomorrow, I swear that  the next post won’t be so much on the makeup since we’re going to shoot the discussion of the chemistry behind the makeup we used for both Retty and Michelle’s looks. And I’m going to make sure that on the next post, you’ll actually see the faces of Jorel and I. I think we deserve to be photographed and blogged about too, right? HAHAHA.

She’s Out Of Goodbyes

Photography by my man Jorel Lising

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2 Responses to #makeup: Michelle Barcelon

  1. Gett Baladad says:

    Ohmahgaaad The eyes, the eyes. Amazing. *.*

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